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Probably the most ideal GNSS receiver specialized on AR stake out in the market. 

SmartViewer SV1 is a state-of-the-art GNSS receiver that merges industrial-leading inspiring ideas and technologies, offering a perfect balance on accuracy, simplicity and efficiency for everyone's survey jobs in various challenging environment. 



1 button, 2 status LED,
battery indicator LED




Magnesium alloy body

Type-C USB

SIM card slot

Radio antenna port



Empowered by ZENITH Algorithm, SmartView is capable to track enormous signals of all constellations with stunningly fast fixing speed even under thick cover of trees or beside tall buildings. Coordinates will be examined twice to ensure an utmost accuracy.

A unique AR stake-out solution that coordinates cameras both on controller and receiver. When you are quite away from the point, the controller shows you the gerneral direction to the point. Until you are steps away from the point, the controller will shift to the camera beneath the receiver seaminglessly and shows a more accurate guidance to the point.

EZtilt just eases your work with an ever joyful experience. No need for calibration. No need for initialization. In a few seconds after getting fixed, you are in EZtilt collecting mode. Just tip the pole end to the point at any pose within 60°, press Collect, and you are free to go to collect the next point. 

Thanks to the 2W UHF Rx/Tx internal radio featured with high efficiency and low power comsumption, with S-Link protocol, SmartViewer provides a safe and stable datalink with a super long distance up to 15km. 


SPOS (STEC Positioning Service) is a worldwide correction service based on precise point positioning (PPP) technology , which support BEIDOU PPP and Galileo HAS PPP. By receiving corrections delivered directly from L-band satellites, SPOS allows you to achieve a high-level accuracy with only one rover on hand. In remote areas such as deserts, oceans, mountains, and jungles, where a base station is difficult to set, or internet-based correction is not accessible, SPOS will be your ideal solution to guarantee your accuracy and efficiency,  enlightening your next adventure.

Supreme Water & Dust Proof

Complied with the harshest standard of IP68 water and dust proof industry, SV1 can survive in water at 1m depth for at least 1 hour even in power-on status. 

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